Kids Workbenches

"The beginning is the most important part of the work." - Plato

No real tradie would be seen dead without the right tools. There’s the hit it tool, also known as a hammer. The twist it tool, also known as a screwdriver. And the get-a-better-grip tool, also known as a pair of pliers.

But even the most creative tradie won’t get far without a kids workbench of some kind. 

At Step2 Pretend Play, we know work benches need to be stout because sometimes even little tradies have to use brute force to make something fit. This can have dire consequences on a pretend work bench, like a coffee table.

Step2 has created a range of kid’s work benches that provide your little tradie with a solid surface to hold all of those bits and pieces, that no one else is allowed to touch. 

With several designs to choose from, Step2 Pretend Plays’ children workbenches ensures your hard-working apprentice learns the right skills, and the right place to practice those skills, from day one.

So check out Step2 range of toddler toy workbenches and give your little tradie the confidence to tackle anything that needs fixing, or not.

Handyman Workbench

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Deluxe Workshop

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Big Builders Pro Workshop

Now  $260.10

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