Push Along Cars For Kids

"Keep walking the walk, one step at a time," Joyce Meyer.

If your little one is practicing their first wobbly little footsteps or is perhaps ready to increase their physical skills and activity that one step further, then our Step2 product range of push ride on toys are the perfect way to get them up and moving.

Hours of fun, entertainment, learning and developing new physical skills will all be made possible while your child has a ball playing in their own push along car to call their own.

Our toddler push cars are a fabulous way for your new little walker to increase their newly gained physical skills, or if your child is a bit older and is eager to race about and burn some energy then they'll adore their very own ride on car to speed around the house with.

Kids will love the independence their own kids push cars will provide them with as they confidently have fun moving about and mastering their gross motor skills all in one.

With the perfect combination of playtime, physical activity and encouragement of growth and development, there will be guaranteed smiles all around for kids and parents alike!