Ride on Toys & Pedal Cars for Toddlers

There's nothing more magical than introducing a child to the joys of ride on toys. Imagine the joy of discovery as they learn to navigate around a small area perched on top of a 2 -4 wheel ride on car. Then there's all the fun you can have helping them balance and turn as they come to grips with this new toy.

Both boys and girls love ride on toys during their toddler years and will cart them everywhere they go.

You can use this to your advantage by encouraging them to pick up their toys using their ride on toys and toy wagon. It's a great way to embed cleaning habits at a young age by letting them take full command of simple tasks.

Let them do the collecting and transporting of their own toys from one place to the other without you, as a parent, having to do it for them. Or you can join in the fun and guide them.

Take one step at a time, starting with kids pull along wagon. Cleaning has never been this fun and easy.