Kids Cubby Houses & Playhouses

"Play is the beginning of knowledge." - George Dorsey

Playtime for children isn't only all about fun and games, it is also an important part of their social, physical and emotional development.

Our range of kids cubby houses will allow your child to have fun with their siblings, friends or even on their own - letting their imagination and creativity run wild while they learn, discover, play and grow.

Our various colourful and cute designs include cubbies perfect for both boys and girls, sure to satisfy the likes of all little curious, creative and inventive minds.

Think about the hours of fun ahead in one of our Step2 children cubby house, with designs both great for indoor and outdoor use.

With the option to set them up in the safety of your home in the warmth throughout the colder Melbourne winter months, or to allow them to breathe in the fresh air while playing in your own backyard throughout the warmth of our great Australian summers, you definitely can't go wrong! 

With their own little 'home' within your home, your child will have a ball playing in their own space to call their own.