Kids Outdoor BBQ Grill

"Food should be fun" - Thomas Keller.

Aussies love a great, traditional barbie and kids get great enjoyment by keeping busy, creating new things, and mimicking what they see their parents and role models do in everyday life around the home.

Many kids love to lend a helping hand and allowing them the option to follow in our footsteps and recreate what they see is a fantastic way to set them on their path to gaining valuable and important life skills.

Our Step2 range of kids BBQ and play grills will provide your child with hours of fun while they use their imaginations to cook up a storm and create yummy pretend meals they can proudly present to the entire family.

Easy to set up in your very own backyard or indoor play area, your child will love having their very own toy BBQ set to play, create and master their chosen dishes and recipes.

So if you have a budding little master chef or an inspired grill or BBQ pro in the making, they'll be overjoyed and full of ideas and creations while happily getting busy using their very own kids BBQ grill.

Sizzle and Smoke BBQ Grill


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